Special Menus

Flancer’s Annual Get Naked*  Valentines Dinner to Go

Appetizer: El Starto sizzleato!
Shrimp bisque with roasted fennel, red pepper hearts & tarragon pesto crouton

Salad: Leafy isa greeny!
Fresh baby spinach w/ grilled Korean beef topped with sesame crusted mangoes & slivered wonton noodles. Asian vinaigrette

Entrée: Ohh baby “Bay” by excitimo!
Fresh Blue crabmeat Crab cakes w/ fresh ginger Velouté w/ caramelized shallots. Sugar snap peas, mushrooms & carrots. Freshly house-made lemon zest and cracked pepper fettuccini

Dessert: El Choco es smoocho!
Grand Marnier Ganache dipped Brownie Lolli-Pops with cocoa powder, drizzled chocolate & orange zest served with fresh berries!

Pick-up on Valentine’s Day, Thursday, Feb. 14th

$58.99 Order before Feb. 8th for a free baguette

Sold cold. Heating instruction included.

Order in Mesa at 480-396-0077
or Gilbert at 480-926-9077


* Naked applies at your home!